Cat Friendly Practice

Indian Street Animal Clinic is proud to be a Certified Cat Friendly Practice.

Although there are many more domestic cats than dogs throughout the United States, veterinarians tend to see much less of them in their offices. Why is this? The main factor keeping cat owners from making sure their cat gets the care they need is simply the stress of getting their cats to and from the veterinary practice along with their cat’s discomfort throughout the appointment.

Aside from this, many owners are unaware that the need for wellness and preventive care is much the same for cats as it is for dogs. The Cat Friendly Practice (CFP) program provides a solution to this trend, helping cat owners to find a vet that will meet the needs of their feline friend.

Indian Street Animal Clinic has worked to achieve Cat Friendly standards and taken extra steps to make our practice a comfortable place for you and your cat. We hope that these cat-friendly solutions will help more cats receive the preventive care they need for a longer, healthier life.

Why You and Your Cat Will Love a Cat Friendly Practice

This brochure provides information on what to expect from a Cat Friendly Practice and what that means for you and your cat.

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Cat Owner Education Brochures

The AAFP has created brochures to educate cat-owners on their unique needs including everything from litter-training to caring for your senior cat. Be sure to check out their tips on “Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian!”

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